Take a peek inside Etsy's hiring practices
Take a peek inside Etsy’s hiring practices

Standing out from competition is a challenge for hiring companies. The best technical talent is inundated with job offers, so how do you separate from the pack? Try showcasing your team’s engineering chops on a separate blog aimed at a developer audience.

What Etsy Does Best

As we’ve outlined in our free eBook, “Building a passive candidate recruiting machine” (which you can sign up for here), Etsy puts its developers in the spotlight.

In their excellent blog Code as Craft (which is completely separate from their corporate blog) Etsy engineers write about open source contributions, interesting projects they’ve completed, and things of general interest to technical talent. It’s informative, but it also generates emotional responses…like this one from a software developer:

Wow, a team willing to admit that their current technical implementation is not perfect. Usually you only see this when a new team has taken over “legacy’ code. Refreshing! Love these posts, keep ‘em coming

Etsy’s engineers add to the conversation. As an unintended consequence they also give outsiders a taste of their developer culture. Passive candidates reading along aren’t just learning, they’re getting exposure to what it might be like to be a software engineer at Etsy.

And it’s not just Etsy

Lots of tech companies are creating really compelling engineering blogs, including Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Netflix, Square, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Great engineering content is educational, generates goodwill, and gives candidates a taste of company life. It’s one of the most important weapons in these companies’ recruiting arsenals.

Engineering focused content pays off for recruiters in the long run

Work with your engineering team to develop content.

Then pull back the curtain and let potential candidates see what’s inside.

Do this well and you’ll be top of mind with software developers who are exploring new career opportunities.

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