Most recruiters on Twitter are following recruiting thought leaders – people like Lou Adler (@LouA) and Dr. John Sullivan (@DrJohnSullivan).

However, Twitter is also a great place to keep up with trends that affect your clients’ and candidates’ industries. So here are 10 Twitter accounts that don’t belong to recruiters or HR professionals that you should start following.

By following some of these Twitter accounts we know you’ll take away some insights that will help you in your recruiting efforts as well as in your career:

  • Benedict Evans / @BenedictEvans / Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz / Benedict is on the bleeding edge of new tech and mobile trends.

  • VC Deals / @vcdeals / VC Deals tweets out the latest financing, mergers, and acquisitions of venture backed companies. In other words, they point out which companies need to scale, hire more software developers, and have the cash to do it!

  • Gregg Weiss / @greggweiss / Vice President of Social Media @ MasterCard US / Gregg runs MasterCard’s social media platform including the successful Priceless campaign. Let him re-shape your opinion on how social media impacts branding.

  • Mark Hurst / @markhurst / Founder & CEO @ Creative Good, Author of Customers Included / Mark’s consultancy and his book are all about reshaping your business’s focus around your customers’ needs. Take some of his recommendations to help improve your candidate experience.

  • Mike Bailen / @BailenOut / Manages recruiters @ Zappos / Zappos, as we’ve illustrated on this blog before, is very non-traditional in how they think about recruiting and hiring. Mike’s Twitter account is a view into how Zappos operates what is ultimately a very unique human resources function.

  • Anthony Onesto / @anthonyonesto / Executive & advisor at Razorfish / Anthony is an advocate of talent marketing and tweets about human resources, recruiting, and entrepreneurship.

  • Steve Blank / @sgblank / Teacher @ Stanford, Columbia, Berkley, Author of Four Steps to the Epiphany / Steve is the father of the customer development and Lean Startup movements. If you have entrepreneurial leanings, you’ll love the content he’s creating and sharing.

  • Clayton Christensen / @claychristensen / Professor @ Harvard Business School, Author of The Innovator’s Dilemma & more / Clay is arguably the foremost authority on disruptive innovation. His case studies and observations of other industries might help you identify new revenue opportunities for your firm and your clients.

  • Priceonomics / @priceonomics / Sometimes numbers can tell a story. Priceonomics focuses on how that story can differ from what the mainstream believes.

  • Jason Hirschhorn / @jasonhirschhorn / CEO @ REDEF / Jason, the former co-president of MySpace, tweets the top stories in popular tech and fashion.

One more thing you should know. We’re on Twitter, too! 😉 Here’s a little sample below…