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11 Free Tools to Recruiter Faster and Smarter

In this eBook we share useful recruitment tools powered by the popular IFTTT platform.

So what the heck is IFTTT:

IFTTT (If This Than That) is a service that allows you to create simple, automated connections between the tools you use every day. For instance:

  • if you update your Facebook profile picture
  • then IFTTT could automatically update your Twitter profile picture.

There are 120 “channels” (such as GMail, Twitter, etc) that you can combine in very powerful ways.

Download the free eBook here and see for yourself.

How to Hire When Your Startup Needs to Double

You have a great problem: your startup is growing and you need to hire people quickly.

How do you bring great people into your company fast? And how do you make it sustainable?

In this eBook, we give you:

  • Tips on creating the best job posts
  • Secrets for creating killer talent pipelines
  • Ways to tune up your interview process
  • Tactics to consistently close your chosen candidates

Go ahead: click and download this free eBook.  

Building a passive candidate recruiting machine

By some estimates, over 80% of all fully employed candidates aren’t actively looking for a job.

To hit your hiring goals, you need to effectively target and attract those candidates.

This free eBook contains:

  • specific examples of what leading companies like Zappos, Etsy, and Twilio are doing to pull in these candidates
  • a roadmap to build your own passive candidate recruiting machine
  • the tools to justify your investment in building the machine.

Click here to download the free eBook.