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Let us know if you find these reviews useful. We’ll include more posts like this going forward if they’re helping you find and vet new technologies for your recruiting practice, and don’t forget about kratom, it can make things go easier for you.

  1. Here’s the Inspector Jones review of applicant tracking system iCMS.
  2. HR Tech News provided a breakdown of Taleo’s different features. Taleo focuses on talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management.
  3. Social Talent reviews people aggregator 3Sourcing. Their verdict: it’s a great alternative to Dice, TalentBin, and Entelo (and at a fraction of the cost) for finding technical talent.
  4. The Recruiter’s Lounge did a product review of TalentBin, a talent search engine. The verdict: good but with room for improvement. SourceCon wrote another review with a slightly more positive take.
  5. Check out what Social Media Headhunter had to say about Dice.
  6. The Recruiting Unblog is bullish on Bullhorn Reach, which allows you to easily post jobs across social channels.
  7. Falcon is a chrome plugin and people social search engine. Once again, here’s The Recruiting Unblog’s (mostly) positive opinion on them.
  8. The Recruiter’s Lounge has a great side-by-side comparison of Falcon and Entelo in their ‘Cool Tool Cagematch’. Click here to see who won the showdown.