Employee Referral Stats

Software makes everything easier — especially employee referrals. Here are some software packages that can help you make that referral process more effective. And check out the stats (on the left) from the folks at HerdWisdom if you’re not convinced you should be investing in your employee referral program!

  • Gooodjob provides a referral experience optimized for mobile devices. I really like the feature that allows an employee to simply make a referral by inputting a name and a few contact details. When I was working at Amazon, our recruiters were very open to this type of referral (simply sending them a name and minimal contact info). It can work really well to generate more referral volume.
  • ZALP‘s employee referral software offers 7 ways for employees to make referrals. One of the ways to refer is via what they call “Smart Match.” It helps the employee figure out who they should refer for a specific opportunity by analyzing their social network connections. According to ZALP, 63% employees do not end up making referrals since they do not have top of mind connections at the time when a job is posted and 56 % employees never end up coming back to the job to make a referral. Sounds about right!
  • YesGraph believes with their employee referral SaaS package that you can achieve 50%+ hires via employee referral. And they’ll let you try their system for free!
  • RolePoint offers many of the features you’d expect to see in an employee referral software system. However, they also have a feature to help facilitate internal mobility within a company. For medium and large companies this feature could be quite powerful. After all, employees typically don’t have a good sense of what roles could be coming available in other groups. Hiring managers don’t have it much better in that they can’t tell which employees might be looking for a change. Clearly there’s room for improvement here!