Video: Finding a developer’s email address through Github

Entelo has a great blog entry about how to find engineers hiding on GitHub, which includes looking at repos that the candidate has forked, as well as browsing through candidates similar to the one you are looking at. Additionally, you can learn how to find a software developer’s email address using public information available on Github. Just watch the video below.

How to become a talent marketing superstar (without any marketing experience)

The best recruiters complement their talent acquisition efforts with talent marketing and white label seo packages to keep their talent supply chain healthy. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work and time to create great talent marketing campaigns. Talent marketing campaigns that: Use beautiful images and infographics that attract the eye of job seekers Provide professionally designed freemium content like eBooks Highlight the great […]

Achieving talent pipeline effectiveness with supply chain principles

If you need to hire with speed then you need a healthy talent pipeline. But how do you structure it? How do you make it effective? How do you make sure you don’t overfill it? What are the pitfalls? Thankfully you don’t need to figure this out alone. Glen Cathey of Boolean Black Belt outlined how he applies supply chain management ideas, like Lean manufacturing principles […]

Two alternatives to traditional job postings

If I told you that one of the best ways to hire good employees was to eliminate or replace traditional job postings all together, would you believe me? Here are a couple of examples that may convince you to consider alternate job posting strategies. Zappos lets candidates fall in love with them Zappos has eliminated job postings. That’s right. Instead of […]

How Etsy pulls back the curtain to attract software engineering talent

Standing out from competition is a challenge for hiring companies. The best technical talent is inundated with job offers, so how do you separate from the pack? Try showcasing your team’s engineering chops on a separate blog aimed at a developer audience. What Etsy Does Best As we’ve outlined in our free eBook, “Building a passive candidate recruiting machine” (which you […]

5 Employee Referral Software Packages

Software makes everything easier — especially employee referrals. Here are some software packages that can help you make that referral process more effective. And check out the stats (on the left) from the folks at HerdWisdom if you’re not convinced you should be investing in your employee referral program! Gooodjob provides a referral experience optimized for mobile devices. I really like the […]