Employee referral programs are incredibly powerful. We strive to find ways for you to improve your recruiting engine, but sometimes it pays to look at what you shouldn’t be doing.

Here are eight posts on employee referral programs gone wrong.

  1. Harpaul Sambhi, founder and CEO of Careerify, writes about the pitfalls of global referral programs.
  2. The Talent Retriever posts about why some Employee Referral Programs don’t work.
  3. Ziv Eliraz, founder and CEO of Zao, also writes about reasons your Employee Referral Program might not be working on TLNT.
  4. Tim Gould, editor of HR Morning, writes about 5 ‘don’ts’ of employee referral programs.
  5. Andrew Greenberg, Managing Partner of The Recruiting Division, writes about the 4 biggest reasons Employee Referral Programs fail.
  6. Business Management Daily posts about some legal risks related to Employee Referral Programs.
  7. Gina Ruiz writes about the reasons to be wary of Employee Referral Programs.
  8. Emily Glazer writes about the problems and solutions of HR management at the Wall Street Journal.
The proverbial employee referral program brick wall