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“I hardly use it.”

“Never seen one I like.”

“Ugh. Kill me.”

We hear comments like this all the time from startup recruiters like you when we ask you about your applicant tracking system. The next thing we usually hear?

“We’re looking for a new applicant tracking system.”

If you’re starting an ATS evaluation at your startup, there are lots of reviews and guides available to help you make your decision. For example:

What ATS vendors typically won’t have – and what could be equally important in your eval process – is a breakdown of the other applicant tracking systems that are in use at successful startups.

If you had this data you could:

  1. Narrow down a huge list of applicant tracking system vendors to a short list that are popular with your startup peers.
  2. Identify back channel references about a particular applicant tracking system you’re evaluating.

Assuming you’re interested in those two things, we have the perfect infographic for you.

In the infographic we are using the Wealthfront 100 group of companies as a proxy for the startup market in general. Actually it works out to be 103 companies. But who’s counting? 😉

If you’re interested in seeing the data that made up the totals displayed in the infographic we’ve also attached the source Google Spreadsheet below.

(BTW, did you know it’s really easy (and costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee) to build infographics like this for your job ads and Careers website? Click here to learn how.)

Last, I included below Twitter testimonials from some happy ATS customers

If you represent a vendor listed in the infographic and there’s no testimonial below, @ us on Twitter with the info (i.e. link to third party Tweet) and we’d be happy to add it.



Newton Software


Ultimate Software

  • http://www.ongig.com/ Rob Kelly

    Excellent infographic on top ATS’s, John.

    If you want to dig a little deeper, I shared the top 50 applicant tracking systems that our customers/prospects use in a pie chart here: http://blog.ongig.com/recruiting-software/top-applicant-tracking-systems.

    Our customers include startups and larger enterprises (American Express, Autodesk, Yelp, etc.). Hope it helps your readers. +r

  • http://startupcareeradvice.com/ John Gannon

    Hi Rob – that’s a great resource. We’ll plan to link to it in the post. Would be great if you could do the same on your blog for our post. Thanks.

    • http://ongig.com Rob


  • https://talenthire.ceipal.com/ Sameer

    John, informative infographic!

    These are great ATS list, but you can also add https://talenthire.ceipal.com/. It’s a smart software for recruiting and make the recruitment process faster and better.

  • https://recruitee.com/blog Hagi

    Hey this is worth noting: Recruitee (https://recruitee.com/) is killing it as an upcoming player in ATS.

    It was named the “Best Applicant Tracking System of 2015”: http://recruitingtools.com/the-best-applicant-tracking-system-software-review-recruitee/

    Recruitee’s design makes it easy to use and efficient than any other ATS: https://recruitee.com/test-en

    What users tweet about Recruitee: https://twitter.com/recruiteeHR/timelines/675235475280543746

  • http://www.ismartrecruit.com/ Daniel Mccartney

    Hi John Gannon,

    Amazing article worth good read!!

    iSmartRecruit (http://www.ismartrecruit.com/) is making the presence as a complete customizable and organized ATS software.
    Hopes to engage and enlarge end to end recruitment for recruiters as well as staffing agencies

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  • http://www.ongig.com/ Nick Misa


    Thanks for listing OnGig’s Annual Applicant Tracking System, there’s some great data and insight here.

    We just released our 2017 Report here: http://blog.ongig.com/applicant-tracking-system/the-top-applicant-tracking-systems-annual-report-2017


  • Cas

    Hey John, awesome material, albeit a bit dated. There’s a lot of new players in the market, and the market is getting more and more saturated.

    However, there’s a huge gap in the market when looking at affordable ATS, the big ones are focused on enterprises and even the smaller once charge outrageous amounts for a basic system. All, except Peerfect, which will launch November 2, 2018 and looks very promising ( https://www.peerfect.io ). It’s focused on small and medium sized businesses both in price and features.

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